Warranty & Maintenance Services

Warranty & Maintenance Services throughout the full product lifecycle.

— Warranty & Maintenance Services

Warranty & Maintenance Services

As a part of  “turn-key ready” solution, Comita Group of Companies also provides full warranty and maintenance services during whole life-cycle of the equipment.

All products and solutions are covered by warranty, which provides the customer with additional benefits:

Round the clock (24/7) technical support by telephone, email or website;

The possibility to have the affiliated network in the area of presence;

Concept and development of individual solutions;

Highly available support by qualified experts on deployment sites.


After the warranty period ends a servicing and technical support agreement can be arranged. Within this arrangement the Customer is provided with spare parts for the hardware. It is possible to create a highly available stock of parts for fast and convenient product maintenance of the Customer.

Comita Group of Companies provides the holistic approach to Customers care by providing them with  warranty support, as well as providing solutions for specific needs of working staff, and with extension and adaptation of the equipment during the whole working period.