Comita Group of Companies, being the manufacturer and supplier of innovative and hi-tech system solutions within the areas of telecommunications, automation of IT, energy saving and energy supply, pays a lot of attention to the environmental issues.

Production companies of the Group widely employ modern and environmentally friendly technologies, aiming to efficiently consume the power. We place utmost importance on the safety and environmental impact when choosing suppliers, stocking materials and equipment.

GC Comita actively develops new business ventures, that deal with increasing the environmental safety, as well as initiates and participates in Russian and international projects in the environmental area.

Project «White Stork»

A unique project, aimed at increasing the areas of habitat of white storks in the countries participants (Slovenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Armenia and Russia), as well as increasing the international involvement in the issues of endangered species protection. Project was implemented within the “Ecology and healthcare” Committee of IBC in 2014-2016. Participants of the project – GC Comita, Bulgarian company «Overgas» and Slovenian Bird Conservation and Research Society (DOPPS).

«Blue corridor» Car ride

In 2014 and 2019 GC Comita took part in the car ride column – «Blue stream». The goal of the project – popularization of using the compressed (liquefied) nature gas as the automotive fuel. The car ride took place on the territory of fifteen countries: Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and Belarus. As part of the column of «environmentally clean cars», a GC Comita automobile took place. Within the car ride with a combined length of more than 4000 km many round tables were held, where the directors of the enterprises, representatives of environmental protection societies, researchers and other participants held discussions of this economical and environmental technology.

Unique air disinfection system «Stream»

An entirely Russian development, based on a unique physical method of air disinfection (full extermination up to 99,9% of indoors micro organisms). The system is fully sate (does not use gas, harmful nor hazardous elements) and uses record low power (10 W). The unique characteristics of the «Stream» system allows its use in the medical facilities. This system for more than 5 years is reliably operating in the operation rooms of NII of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology of Moscow, for more than 2 years in the Central clinic of PAO «Gazprom». Since 2001 «Stream» is used as the operational system for providing the gas composition on International Space Station. Currently the «Stream» system is actively being brought to European market – the necessary certificates have been acquired of the European Committee, and some projects are already being supplied.

The Moscow region Eco Farm

On the territory of Moscow region a unique project is being implemented – the closed bio-cycle livestock farm. While growing the meat and milk providing animals, bird stock, as well as producing food products (meat and milk products, bird eggs) all veterinary requirements are met,
antibiotics, GMOs, hormones and other synthetic substances are not used, which allows to get fresh, high quality and environmentally clean production. All of the farm supply is certified and meets the high quality standards.

IT-solution for agricultural enterprises "Smart Farm"

«Smart Farm» – a unique hardware-software complex, that includes a complex of automation equipment (soil sensors, weather stations, modern or modernized agricultural machinery, pest traps, etc) and software part, that based on special algorithms and analytics tools helps to define the most optimal agricultural process management from the technical and environmental points of view. Currently a pilot project is being implemented of the «Smart Farm» within one of the large Russian agriculture enterprises. The analytics core of «Smart Farm» using the infrastructure of IIoT is able to gather data realtime to a unified data-center, make a complex analysis and interpretation of the data. Large scale deployment of «Smart Farm» allows to get objective and actual information on the state of agricultural industry complex in Russia, will provide accurate estimations in the scale of specific regions and the whole country, and will allow to significantly raise the efficiency of state regulation and state support of agriculture.

Energy saving

Complex solutions within the area of energy saving is one of the most important lines of activities of GC Comita. GC Comita possesses a rich experience of deploying energy efficient solutions and technologies: complex energy audit of enterprises, production and deployment of Automated control systems and energy resource accounting (ASKUER), equipment of gathering and transmission of data (USPD), a wide spectrum of measuring and energy-saving equipment (electricity meters, energy distribution control systems, warning systems and electricity consumption measurements), that provide objective control and optimization of electrical power consumption, heat, gas, water, compressed air. Currently GC Comita implements two large scale projects within this area – creation of automated informational-measurement systems of commercial audit of electric energy (AIIS KUE) on the enterprises of PAO «Lukoil» and AO «Oboronenergosbyt».

Environmental Mineral water

GC Comita includes a modern factory on the territory of Karachay-Cherkess Republic that is procuring and producing mineral water. According to the conclusion of the laboratory of physical chemistry of mineral waters and therapeutic healing muds of Pyatigorskiy Gosudarstvenniy NII Kurortologii Instutute, the produced by factory mineral water of glacial origin meets all safety requirements, as well as contains a number of minerals and micro elements, that are used to treat the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The produced water gets immediately stored in the environmentally clean glass containers, which allows for it to store the healing properties for a long time.

Multimedia info-tainment system for public transport

GC Comita is a developer and supplier of the multimedia info-tainment system for public transport. The system is able to: use wireless communication channels and navigational technologies; integrate with emergency services resources; display the information of the route, connect to internet and news content and other useful information; centralized control, which enables information safety. The equipment is certified to be installed in the public transport. The system has undergone a trial operation on one of the «Mosgortrans» Moscow routes and received positive feedback. One of the main priorities of the informational system – popularization of the public transport, which would lead to release the strain on the transport infrastructure, and improve the environmental situation in the city.