Comita Group of Companies participates in the 14th International Exhibition «OIL & GAS» / MIOGE 2017, which will be held at the MVC (IEC) ‘Crocus Expo’ on June 27-30, 2017

We invite you to visit our exhibit booth No. V303, Pav.3, Hall 14, where new Russian developments will be presented:

Intelligent system of monitoring the fields.

The new solution of the company “Comita” – “SmartFieldMonitoring” is created in accordance with the concept of Industry 4.0 based on solutions of the industrial Internet of things, IIoT. The intelligent field monitoring system allows to optimize operating costs, as well as to provide more efficient and safe production of raw hydrocarbon deposits.

This solution will be presented in a new format – a business application, as the SaaS service.

Situational centers for monitoring infrastructure on the basis of the software “Сomita-Solo”

It will be presented the solution for the creation of a situational center allowing control of telecommunication, IT or technological infrastructure as accurately as possible, to identify equipment failures and malfunctions automatically, to forecast faults and optimize the work of repair and service the divisions of companies.

Multivendor service and repair center “Сomita Service”.

Comita Group of Companies represents a new multivendor service and repair center which provides professional services in the field of solutions and communications equipment as well as IT. Specialists of the company provide a full list of services of the center, introduce with its composition and equipment.