Fire prevention automated system

— Fire prevention automated system

Fire prevention automated system

Fire prevention automated system SPA and KZ, ASPS, KZ and PT are designed for a continuous control, alarming and announcing the cases of fire breakout, gas contamination control on the object, controlling the fire fighting system in case of a fire on the technological and auxiliary objects, as well as providing fire alarm signals in the general fire alarm and fire fighting systems.

The company designed systems of fire prevention systems are developed on the foundation of developed and manufactured  in-house fire controller PPKPiU (Tool transmitting-controlling of fire and control).

PPKPiU is made for getting the signals from fire transmitters, signalers, limiter switches, gas monitoring sensors, processing those according to pre-made algorithms, and transmitting the controlling commands to the executive automated hardware of fire prevention and safety, and to the systems of engineering and technological hardware control.

The inclusion in the fire controller PPKPiU of an alarm panel and control allows for using it as a secondary ARM operator, in case when the primary ARM (PK) is out of order.

Applied software provides the operator with a customization interface for setting up the limits of PI going off, and controlling the parameters of alarm routing, allows for programming of tactics of the alert and fire fighting.

The fire prevention controller PPKPiU is fully compliant with the ГОСТ Р 53325-2009 and СП 5.13130.2009.