Automated control system

— Automated control system


The automated control system is a set of hardware and software complex, designed for process controlling automation, and equipment, as part of the technology process, production, or enterprise.

ACS enables gathering and processing working-technological information, the control of actual state of main and auxiliary equipment, diagnostic of technical condition of equipment, readying up the solutions for management and development of control activities, their transfer and implementation, controlling of the solutions execution within the manufacturing process dynamics.

ELNA Vnedrencheskaya Firma has unique experience and competence within the areas of the design, production, installation and technical service and maintenance of different automated systems for control of technological process, including: automated system of dispatch control on the oil sites ASDU n/m, automated system of controlling the technological processes of compressor station ASU TP CS, automated system of controlling technological processes of electric station of local supply ASU TP ESN, ASU TP of compressor station, AS TP of electric power station, ASU of objects of energy supply, and other systems for controlling energy supply objects.