Telecommunication containers and power supply systems

Many years of experience and unique competence of Comita Group of Companies in the area of making communication nodes in the harsh climatic conditions forms the basis for complex solutions for facilities energy supply.

— Telecommunication containers and power supply systems

Energy complexes

АО «Искра Системс» offers services for the creation of energy complexes, providing the organization with uninterrupted power supply of industrial units with a “turn-key ready” complex.

Energy complexes are design with keeping in mind various factors, such as the climatic features (low temperatures), geological and seismic requirements, security regulations (protection against theft, access control, lighting, fire protection), as well as requirements for ventilation, air conditioning, and heating.

The solutions of energy supply allow effective remote monitoring and control. At the same time, all the most important functions of the units have double, and even triple redundancy.

The Company offers a wide range of containers, which are adapted to the requirements of the customers.

The solutions of power supply are based on the constant electric power supply designs, allowing the creatin of configurations from 400 W to 120 kW. The systems for power supply are reliable and have high effectiveness rating (up to 97%)[KPD / Energy conversion efficiency], modular design, they are easy to install, as well as easy to expand. It is possible to create a local, remote or centralized administration and monitoring for the system.