International Business Congress Working Committee

International Business Congress Working Committee «Ecology and healthcare» was formed in 2014 and defined the motto «Towards better quality of life».

International Business Congress Working Committee

The main goal of the committee is creating an open discussion platform and maintaining the dialogue with experts, representatives of the oil and gas industry companies, and the worldwide expert community in the healthcare and ecology areas. Discussing actual projects a need for having two working subdivisions arose:

  • Environmental management;
  • Technologies within the healthcare, and managing the healthcare subjects.


The chairman of the working committee «Ecology and healthcare» is the Head of Comita Group of Companies of Russia and CIS, Chairman of the Board of directors UK «Comita Group of Companies» PhD Phys. – Math. Sci. Nebojsa Jankovic. Coordinator of the subgroup «Environmental management» is PhD A. G. Ishkov, the Head of power supply management and ecology PAO «Gazprom». Subgroup «Technologies within the healthcare, and managing the healthcare subjects» is supervised by PhD M.E. Putin, Vice Chairman of Directors of PAO «Gazprom».

The working committee includes representatives of gas and oil industry, that posses priceless professional experience. Also participating in the Committee are the directors and representatives of leading oil and gas industries, technology and manufacturing companies, IT integrators, as well as representatives of financial and insurance organizations, among many others. The number of participants increases each year, and the environmental issues leave no one indifferent.


The beginning of the XXI century made it obvious that the approach to environmental research should be changed. First of all, it’s being portrayed in qualitative and quantitative changes, that happen both on local and global scales. Due to fast and «snowball»-like developments within the different activities of humans, as well as technological developments, the topic of environmental protection and ecology are gaining more focus. This all lead to significant transformation in the applied areas of environmental safety and further understanding of the issue. Modern period of developments of the research on the issue of ecology can be characterized as the period of developing safe system functioning. It’s fundamentals are based on a complex approach to researching the ecological effects of a subject on humans and environment.

According to experts estimations the gas industry, if using hydrogen is also taken into the account, produced out of nature gas, can provide the way to achieving ambitious climate goals, that was set in the strategy of European Union throughout the 2050 year (lowering by 80-90 % of the levels of 1990 year).

Nature gas as an energy source provides the achieving of goals of a sustained development, set in the General Assembly of UN in 2015. Taking into the account the overall benefits of the energetic efficiency, technological availability, rational use of land resources, minimal impact on ecosystems, lowest consumption of materials and valuable chemical elements, the nature gas and its derivatives (methane-hydrogen fuel, hydrogen) is one of the few that can provide the humankind with a safe present and future.

Lately the are more suggestions appear on transitioning the industry production to a reasonable amounts to satisfy the needs, therefore saving the natural reserves for future generations. This gentle approach to using natural riches can not only stop the destruction of biosphere complexes, but put a hold on the negative effect on the environment, and begin it’s recovery as well.

Line of activities

The lines of activities of Committee have a direct relation to the most actual and discussed topics of environment and healthcare in many OSCE countries. Solving these problems will increase the effectiveness of healthcare systems and reinforce the people’s health, will allow to raise the level of safety of oil and gas supply in Europe.

It’s worth noting the importance of social projects of the committee. First, we look back at the long tradition between the IBC and the school of Lev Tolstoy in Berlin.

This year, thanks to the IBC support, the school was able to launch and continue different projects, that are focused on the topic of environmental protection – the students worked on the project «Plastic in the world, or the world without plastic», which was presented at the sciences fair, which took place in October in Moscow. Working together with our committee the school organized a special Health Day.

Much attention was paid to the international exchange. The cooperation within the areas of education and science research is based on long term and good-willed traditions. Today’s children are citizens, and most importantly, politicians and businessmen of the future. Thus, the progress achieved with the international affairs made a great impact on forming an alliance between two countries in the future.

International Business Congress also supports the «Medsupport» project for disabled kids rehabilitation with St. Petersburg charity foundation «Child rehabilitation center». Thanks to the financial support, received from IBC in 2019, «Medsupport» could provide financing for rehabilitation of five kids. A number of positive results was achieved: thanks to the complex course of special exercises and special orthopedic footwear, made by the experts of «Child rehabilitation center», six year old Gleb was able to make his first steps on his own.

The kids in need received the necessary courses of medical rehabilitation. It included special exercises for musculoskeletal system and individual orthopedic procedures.

Responsible approach to technology development

Working Committee «Ecology and healthcare» has done useful and effective work within the important issues of environment, as well as healthcare, new technologies, including social ones. It’s safe to say that according to the overall criteria of IBC the work can be truly considered not just successful, but important as well, since it has always been goal oriented, meaning it was dealing with issues that are important and significant for the companies participants and the whole worldwide community. The cornerstone of the attention center the Committee places issues that have a direct influence on improving the state of the air, as well as all other environmental components, through increasing the usage of modern resources and ecologically advisable fuels, as in case with the nature gas. The meetings are held to discuss new technologies and equipment, used to improve the population’s health, the issues of youth education within the area of environmental protection and health. This is all being enabled by the fact that the «Ecology and healthcare» Committee invites the unique expertise and experience to its work.

Without doubt, a mark will be left by our projects in the areas of energy efficiency, carbon footprint, bicycle project, the storks population preservation project, a project on game creation, holding environmental and health workshops, which brought a lot of happiness and satisfaction to us, and hopefully to the school kids, as well as join projects and meetings with other committees of IBC and most importantly with the «Industry, innovation, and promising development» Committee , as well as Energy Committee, Information and Communications Committee, and others.