Professional mobile radio of DMR and TETRA standards

 Comita Group of Companies offers modern multi-functional equipment of TETRA and DMR standards for organizing professional radio connection.

— Professional mobile radio of DMR and TETRA standards

modern multi-functional equipment of TETRA and DMR standards

The equipment of TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked Radio) standard  supports digital trunked radio communication, including the transmission of voice, data and messages between two subscribers or group of subscribers. This equipment allows the creation of digital integrated systems both small and medium scale, with the possibility to expand them at regional as well national scales. The frequency bands 380-400 MHz and 410-430 MHz with a channel width of 25 KHz with the possibility of using 4 temporary channels on one frequency.

The experts of the Comita Group of Companies, based of equipment’s standard DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) have invented a new solution for the Russian Federation on how to make the equipment for automated system of dispatch radio communication. The structure of communication system is scalable, and depends on the requirements of the area of coverage and the volume of the traffic system. It could use one or the multiple of base stations with different numbers of radio channels. The base station provides radio coverage in a specific geographical area. The frequency bands are 136-174 MHz or 403-470 MHz with channel bandwidth 25 KHz with the possibility of use two concurrent channels on one frequency.

Thanks to the TDM interfaces the equipment allows the providers to protect their investments in the TDM technology. Using TDM trunking the equipment can be connected to an already established network at any level using different signals, like OKS No 7, EDSS1 or VKS, in different national variations.

The solution supports local, remote, or centralized administration and monitoring. System provides the functions of administering, controlling, and processing of the alarm signals of the network elements (including a number of third party elements), as well as having the functionality to gather, process and display working characteristics data, as well as gathering, intermediate processing, and keeping the detailed call records.