Network management systems

— Network management systems

Monitoring and centralized control

With the goal to organize the monitoring and central control for  all of the equipment within the telecommunications network (telephone, microwave transmission, dispatch, mobile telephony) in real-time mode, Comita Group of Companies has developed a unique hardware-software complex (APC).

APC (apparatus-program complex) is a system for gathering, analysing and storing information on the state of equipment and the possible problems, architectured with a design idea of being able to be easily fixed even by the remote system operator.

APC allows for the integration through an open interface not only with the equipment of GC “Comita” but also the equipment of other manufacturers, at the same time providing:

  • Integral effective and safe solution for off-line antivirus protection;
  • The unified system of coding and translating of alarm signals;
  • A unified system for data archiving of all equipment within integrated solutions;
  • Management system redundancy (geo-redundancy).


The platform has a wide spectrum of functionally, equipped user-friendly Russian-language interface with configurable user modes (geographical, structural, functional), is easy to modify, and is able to work in offline mode.