Telephone network

— Telephone network

Multiservice solutions

Multiservice solutions of Comita Group of Companies are based on the most advanced IP technology and designed for being the heart of telecommunications networks of medium and large capacities with broad range of services. The uniqueness of these solutions is in the possibility of simultaneous (integrated) realization of telephone communications node and node of dispatch and two-way loud-speak communications. This provides the opportunity for more efficiency in use of the network resources and simplification of a lot of the management within the communication systems.

Software switches of different capacities allow for network solutions of various topologies in IP networks as well in the mixed analogue-TDM-IP environments. The equipment is used as nodes for urban, combined (base and transit), or private exchange telephone communication, and allows to combine in a single host IP, ISDN, or analogue subscribers. This equipment is the ideal solution for transition from TDM networks to next generation networks – NGN and IMS, which ensures protection of investments in purchased equipment and significantly reduces operating costs.

Through TDM interfaces, the equipment allows for service providers to have the protection of their investment in TDM technology. With TDM trunking this equipment could be connected to an existing network at any level of the network while using different signal-alarms, such as OKS №7, EDSS1 or VSK in various national versions.

The solution supports the implementation of local, remote and centralized administration and monitoring. The control system provides administrative functions, control and alarm processing for network elements (including a number of supported third-party network elements), the functions of collecting, processing, and presenting the performance data, as well as the collection of functions, intermediate processing, and keeping the detailed call records.