ELNA Vnedrencheskaya Firma

ELNA Vnedrencheskaya Firma, which is a part of Comita Group of Companies, has unique developments and rich experience in the areas of technological processes automation, actively deploying cutting edge technologies and hardware-software tools in the gas and energy industries.

The firm produces software-hardware Russian-made complexes and systems of automation at the execution level of world leading manufacturers. On top of that, it developed and manufactured more than 30 products.

Withing it’s own program of import substiturion in the 2015, the system for automated control of a gas-distribution complex SAU GPA, fully manufactured in Russia. 

The company engineers developed a universal Automated system of complex energy resources accounting (ASKUER), architecture and software of which allows for it to be integrated in the systems and with hardware of other manufacturers, as well as making it able to be expanded both vertically and horizontally.

ELNA Vnedrencheskaya Firma manufactures and maintains the line of industrial controllers of the in-house developed ELPK series.

Company has a rich experience of a full-cycle of designing, manufacturing, deploying and further support and maintenance of complex solution for the telemechanics systems.

Industrial controllers

ELNA Vnedrencheskaya Firma is a developer of industrial controllers that are widely used in automated systems for technological processes management.

System of automated control

System of automated control is set of devices and programs aimed at automatic management of a part, or a assembly of equipment, that are connected with same technological process.

Automated control system

A foundation of universal technical solutions using the industrial controllers was made, which is being successfully implemented within the development of Automated control systems of different levels, and solving the tasks of technological processes automation.

Energy accounting systems

Energy resource accounting automation system plays a big role in the industrial manufacturing. It lays the foundation for holding energy conservation events, and implementing energy efficient technologies within the industrial complexes.

Local automation systems

Local automation systems are developed for automating local management, safety, and control of the technological parameters of the engineering hardware.

Fire prevention automated system

Fire prevention automated system, gas contamination control and fire fighting (ASPO, KZ and PT) are designed for a continuous automated control of the  fire-hazard status of the main technological hardware, gas contamination levels in the controlled zones, controlling the fire fighting systems, transmitting light and audio alarm, creating the hardware stop signals, delivering the data to adjacent systems.


The telemechanics system is complex of technical devices, which are fully designed, and made for remote control of technological objects.