Management System

Achieving goals

Comita Group of Companies is a responsible deployment partner of technical system solutions, IT solutions, energy saving and supply solutions, as well as full scale safety and engineering solutions.

We develop and suggest innovative, economically and energy efficient solutions, that help to raise the bar for efficiency and safety of our partners businesses.

Achieving those milestones is the cornerstone of our strategy, which also is based on excellent quality of our production, services, and business processes, that serve as a foundation for a sustainable development of the entities within the Group, be it local or international scale.

We realize that these goals can be achieved only by having highly qualified and motivated personnel, following fundamental principles of being responsible to the environment we live in, and informational safety.

The fundamental principles of quality policies of Comita Group of Companies:

Adherence to continuous innovation and improvement in all parts of our activities, from ecological efficiency of processes to searching for solutions that could satisfy the most demanding requirements of our clients. We are able to accomplish that by achieving measurable milestones and with active cooperation with suppliers and customers;

Constant perfection within the management and production activities based on monitoring and analysis of Service quality;

Continuous training and increasing the qualification of working personnel, strict adherence to safety rules, responsible environmental approach;

Working together with the suppliers and partners, who also take a responsible approach within their social and environmental activities;

Widespread use of latest environment friendly technology and insistence on a responsible energy consumption, taking additional care while procuring materials and equipment, and processing;

Constant monitoring of the new legislative norms, and following the requirements and regulations and standards;

Data protection, including trade and states secrets;

Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and availability of information.

The management and all employees execute the policy priorities of the Comita Group of Companies in the field of quality requirements, and actively participate in its implementation.