Data processing centers

— Data processing centers

Engineering DPC

Comita Group of Companies offers a full package of services for creating a data processing center (DPC) of any size, from modernization and optimization of already existing infrastructure of the Customer, to creating projects from scratch.

DPC subsystems development:


  • Subsystem for electric power supply;
  • The subsystem for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning;
  • Structured cable network;
  • The subsystem for monitoring, controlling, and physical security;



  • Subsystem of data processing;
  • Subsystem for “backup”, archiving, and data storage;
  • Local area network DPC;
  • Data storage network;
  • Subsystem for monitoring, control and security;



  • Subsystem for data transmission;
  • Local computing network.

Comita Group of Companies has its own in-house developments as part of server and hardware premises of container type (APKT), equipped by all necessary engineering infrastructure in accordance with the hardware deployment requirements and the climatic conditions of working area.

The line of produced premises

The line of produced container-type premises includes:

  • Mobile centers for data processing (MCOD) with a capacity from five to ten racks enclosures and the install power up to 100 kW;
  • Hardware facilities for telecommunications node and system of telemechanics up to five entitites, together with other (redundancy) sources of electric supply (gas and diesel generator sets; UPS);
  • Modular server spaces with capacity from five to fifteen hardware enclosures in a module, with the possibility to combine with the multi-module construction DPC and support for external engineering infrastructure.