Radio relay data-transmission

— Radio relay data-transmission​

Digital transmissions system

Digital trunk microwave transmissions’ system is an economical solution for the organization of long distance radio communication. The modular architecture allows the possibility to expand the capacity of the system (up to 4Gbit / s for one station) and enable the simple transition from TDM (SDH/SONET/PDH) to IP/Ethernet with the lowest possible cost.

The radio blocks are fixed in the base frame with convection cooling, eliminating the necessity for active cooling and increasing the lifetime of the equipment. The system supports modulation 2048QAM which allows to save the frequency resource, and as a result to save the operating costs. The unique adaptive features of the signal amplifier makes the system as one of the most economical in its class.

The system of microwave transmission allows for different configurations: for installing the radio equipment inside the object, or as separate-item option – to install the remote radio units on antenna basis.

Within the import substitution campaign, ООО внедренческая фирма «ЭЛНА» in Saratov has started the production of RRL SDR3500LH, using its own manufacturing capacities.