Start-up & Commissioning Works

— Startup & Commissioning Works

Holistic approach

Comita Group of Companies specializes on the full life-cycle of the start-up works, as well as automation product deployment. Highly qualified experts will perfectly execute the preparations and necessary tweaks according to the automation system testing processes and the technological hardware to achieve the necessary norms and indications. Within the process of the start-up works our experts will provide the necessary tuition and instruct your employees, explaining the ins and out of the maintenance and usage workflows.

Start-up works steps:

Examination of the project and technical documentation;

Preparation of the work place and lab equipment;

Carrying out the readiness appreciation of the documentation and automation systems of the object in regards to start-up deployment works;

Carrying out the setup works according to the program and method of examination, including installing, adjustment and calibration of the measure channels within the separate type of equipment that form the technological systems, blocks, lanes;

Full-scale hardware tests with the overall technological workflows testing, and taking it all the way to the stable, and necessary project-based technical level;

Maintenance and servicing throughout the working period, and running deployment tests.


All works are being done by experts with a high degree of technical experience and knowledge.

Companies of the Comita Group took part in and are responsible for engineering “turn key ready” projects for the Russian companies of energy sector, among them are: “Blue Stream”, “Nord Stream”, “Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok”, “Bovanenkovo-Ukhta”, “Dzhubga-Lazarevskoye-Sochi” and other Russian, and international projects.

Holistic approach and the professional level of the experts of Comita Group of Companies is proudly displayed in the system integration and deployment works of the whole electric tech hardware and technological interconnections within the «Расширение ЕСГ для обеспечения подачи газа в газопровод «Южный поток» project.