The full cycle of workflows on designing, creating, and modernization of IT solutions at the enterprise scale

Сorporate IT solutions

Comita Group of Companies provides full working cycle – design, creation and modernization of enterprises’ IT solutions, as well as the construction of network infrastructure, setting up and fully equipping data centers, installing high-availability clusters and also high speed computer systems, developing software infrastructure services (e-mail, applications, unified communications, virtual environments and clouds), and the systems for monitoring and managing of information services.

Data processing centres

Comita Group of Companies offers a full package of services for creating a data processing center (DPC) of any size, from modernization and optimization of already existing infrastructure of the Customer, to creating projects from scratch.

Enterprise automation

Energy Consulting/ Digital solutions is in the business of designing and developing of solutions, based on the SAP platform, as well as developing deploying ECM solutions, that will adhere to requirements of the most demanding Customer, taking into account the specifics of business and its IT policies.

Informational systems of enterprise control

Energy Consulting/ Digital solutions based on the rich experience within the area of digital transformation and IT offers a complex of services for managing and developing the business.