System of automated control

— System of automated control

System of automated control

System of automated control is set of devices and programs aimed at automatic management of a part, or a assembly of equipment, that are connected with same technological process.

SAU (system of automated management) provides a function of management, regulation, control and protection of the processes, allowing  for reliable and prolonged lifetime of different technological equipment.

ELNA Vnedrencheskaya Firma designs, manufactures, installs and provides services for a variety of systems for automated control, including:

  • SAU for gas compressor units;
  • SAU for gas turbine power station;
  • SAU for controlling a compressor workshop; 
  • SAU for various technological and auxiliary products for gas production, procesing, transport, storage and distribution.

More than 500 SAUs were designed and deployed on the customers projects, including: SAU for gas transport hardware SAU GPA; SAU for gas turbine electric station SAU GTES; SAU for the control system of fuel, start-up and impulse gas SAU UPTPG; SAU for power control of electric blocs SAUM of TES energy blocks.