Elna Implementation Company LLC completed the Technical Energy Consumption Accounting Automation project

As part of the implementation of the energy efficiency programme of Russian organisations, the ELNA Implementation, which is part of the Comita Group of Companies, has completed the implementation of the automation project for electricity metering as an EPC contractor.

During the implementation of the project, the specialists of the ELNA Implementation completed the full cycle of work in a timely manner: from the pre-design survey, development and approval of the techno-working project, acquisition and delivery of equipment to installation and commissioning.

Eight hundred units of power consumption accounting were deployed throughout the customer’s facility. The units are arranged in such a way as to cover the whole factory area as well as its bordering territory, which enabled the creation of a territory-aware system of control and accounting with a unified informational environment, intellectual data analysis, identifying the leakages and accidents, as well as power consumption schematics optimisation.