GK Komita took part in the St Petersburg International Gas Forum from 1-4 October 2019

For the fourth time, the Komita Group of Companies took part in the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, which was held at the EXPOFORUM venue in the northern capital from 1 ?4 October2019

The company presented advanced solutions and latest developments in the field of industrial automation, digitalisation of production, telecommunications in the oil and gas industry, and also signed strategic agreements.

In particular, a unique mobile compressor station (ISS) was presented for the evacuation of natural gas from a repaired area to an existing gas pipeline. Environmental friendliness and profitability are the main features of the installation. When the ISS operates, 90% of the gas is retained. Factory tests have already been carried out and the ISS is ready for implementation, including in the northern regions, where the temperature drops to -50 degrees.

Another new product from the Komita Group of Companies is the Soyuz Russian software and hardware complex, which has no foreign analogues. An advanced solution for all levels of process control, including dispatching of gas transmission system facilities. The development has global functionality: it is a single complex for building automation and communication systems.

At the booth, company representatives introduced forum guests to RPA robotic technology. Software robots allow you to optimise work processes, reduce the people’s routine and eliminate possible errors. RPA can be used in IT services, financial accounting, HR, logistics, supply and other areas.

An important event of the Forum was the signing of an agreement on cooperation between the Komita Group of Companies and the Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) named after I.M. Gubkin. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Kramarenko, General Director of the Management Company, and Viktor Georgievich Martynov, Rector, announced long-term work programmes: implementation of the Komita GC training simulator which simulates various operating modes of a compressor station with electric GPU; conducting joint research and development work in accordance with the commercial needs of the industry; practical training for students and a continuing education programme for the faculty of the University at the production facilities of the Komita Group of Companies.

“As a company with more than 30 years of history of implementing large-scale projects in the oil and gas industry of Russia, we see an urgent need for the qualifications of our young specialists today, yesterday — students of specialised universities, to meet the highest international standards of the oil and gas industry. Thanks to close cooperation with the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (NRU) and, in particular, with the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering, the Komita Group has a unique opportunity to introduce innovative and digital solutions not only at our customers’ production facilities, but also to use them with qualified training of future industry personnel, ”Vyacheslav Kramarenko, Director of the Komita Group of Companies, managing company underscored the importance of cooperation.