Iskra Systems JSC performed scheduled maintenance of P-Pack 750 mobile compressor stations

In April and May, Iskra Systems JSC performed scheduled maintenance of three of the seven delivered P Pack 750 mobile compressor stations *. With their help, natural gas was evacuated from repaired pipe sections in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and Perm Territory, thereby protecting the environment and saving up to 3.5 million cubic meters of gas per standard pumping. A feature of these works was that it was planned to carry out all maintenance and repairs with the vendor. However, Covid-19 measures meant it was impossible for the manufacturer’s representatives to visit the customer’s facilities.

Due to this difficult situation, the MCS service engineers of JSC Iskra Systems have taken additional distance training and received authorisation to perform Technical Maintenance, which was conducted successfully.

“We can’t disappoint our partners, whose work depends on us. If Iskra Systems JSC makes any commitments, we fulfil them. This time we not only overcame the difficulties caused by Covid-19, but also benefited from this situation, with our engineers receiving additional certification and authorisation to perform the work. Now, there is no need for us to spend additional resources of the vendor, we are able to fulfil the tasks ourselves,”- A.N. Terekhov, General Director of Iskra Systems JSC.

*MCS is designed to evacuate natural gas from the pipe section where scheduled repair work is planned. For one pumping, the MCS evacuates from two to seven million cubic metres of gas, depending on the length of the section and the pressure in the pipe.