Technical energy consumption accounting automation

Implementation of the regulations «Federal Law №261 from 23.11.2009» «On energy consumption and effectiveness», implementing the technical accounting of energy and power consumption on the factory (technical data) withing the structure sub-units and energy units according to structural and functional distribution of energy consumption.

Newly developed automated system of technical accounting of the energy consumption (ASTUE), designed to gather data from 800 accounting unites, enables the following:

  • timely power consumption accounting, consumed by each hardware unit, manufacturing, assemblies, workshops and areas;
  • energy consumption planning;
  • balancing the consumption within the whole factory overall;
  • forming the reports and analytics data on each accounting entity;
  • identifying the irrational power consumption elements;
  • identifying disadvantages and mismatches, which can negatively affect the safety of using electrical equipment;
  • lowering the power waste based on the accounting data analysis.

800 units of power consumption accounting were deployed throughout the customer’s facility. Those units are arranged in a way to cover the whole factory area as well as it’s bordering territory, which allowed to create a territory-aware system of control and accounting with a unified informational environment, intellectual data analysis, identifying the leakages, accidents, as well as power consumption schematics optimization.

Technical energy consumption accounting automation

Dmitriy Krivosheev, the CEO of ELNA Vnedrencheskaya Firma noted: «Within the project implementation the experts of ELNA Vnedrencheskaya Firma within the required deadlines fullfiled the full cycle of required working tasks: starting from the pre-project appreciation, development and coordination of the tech-working project, acquiring and supplying the equipment, to assembly and start-up work tasks. I consider that ASTUE allowed to provide control and accounting of the energy consumption realtime, create high speed and redundant data network, create a unified platform, providing the Customer with a reliable informational and analytics toolset».

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